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Creating marketing content that's not boring

Discover how to develop your own unique voice, create valuable content.

Have you heard of the term 'content fatigue'? Are you leery of adding to the clutter of articles like '10 Ways to Be Happier' and '3 Ways to be More Productive'? The evidence that content marketing works is compelling, but how do you get it to work for you when everybody's doing it? In this course you will learn how to turn content into sales.

Discover how to develop your own unique voice, create valuable content – as opposed to content that only adds value – and build powerful connections with your customers through a clear brand promise using a variety of new media and channels.

You will learn:
• How to develop the systems, processes and strategies to get more traffic and turn it into sales.
• GIFs to Instagram: Explore multiple media types and platforms (like Outbrain) that will help you maximise reach and engagement.
• How to use content that is relevant, informative and educational to draw your customers through the conversion process.


• Owners and managers
• Those responsible for marketing and digital assets
• Those responsible for marketing and media strategies


Fundamentals in using content marketing to convert reach and engagement into sales:
• Real New Zealand relevant examples.
• An overview of the online marketing space in New Zealand; trends, challenges and opportunities.
• Actual New Zealand case studies and examples.
• Tips and advice from leading Kiwi online and digital marketers and leaders.
• Which channels – from Outbrain to Facebook – will help you maximise reach.
• The right media – video, podcasts, GIFs – for your audience.
• Designing a conversion pathway.

Strategic approach to fulfil your business goals:
• Achieve a ROI from your content marketing.
• Convert engagement into sales.
• Develop relevant, valuable content that isn't boring.

Best practice in key areas:
• Sales and conversion from content.
• Content creation.
• Understand the digital landscape.


Develop a unique voice, understand the various digital media, channels and platforms available to you and how to use them to create a conversion pipeline that turns engagement into sales.


Colin Kennedy is the editor of Marketing Online NZ magazine and the founder of content marketing agency Iron Road, a certified HubSpot Agency Partner. An experienced journalist, media adviser and marketer, Colin is an established thought leader in content marketing since 2004.

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