Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Lean thinking – introductory seminar

Lean thinking – introductory seminar

Get an overview of lean principles.

Get an overview of lean principles. How does lean thinking contribute to high performance? What can you use from lean to boost productivity? This two-hour seminar offers a useful introduction to lean. You’ll also receive a free copy of the book “Making it Lean” by Barry Nolan.


If you’re interested in reviewing productivity in your organisation, this seminar is ideal. It is ideal for any type of industry or organisation.


• Lean principles and successful lean practices.
• Why companies are achieving more than a 50% increase in productivity
• How to improve capacity and operational performance
• How to define value to your customer
• What should be your first steps
• How to eliminate waste and what are the lean tools
• What would it cost you to implement lean and how much time do you need to commit
• Practical ways to make your operational lean
• How to define value to your customer
• Case studies on the lean journey


• Decide on your next steps in the lean journey.
• Understand the practical considerations of introducing lean, such as time and cost.
• Understand where lean may work in your organisation.
• Identify and eliminate the causes of waste.​​​​

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