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Leading a Customer-Centric Organisation

Lead the shift to customer-centricity in your organisation


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Who’s this course for?

Advanced: Analyse, Create and Evaluate

top managers, HR leaders and business owners. If you are in an influential position in your organisation, and you understand that customer satisfaction is the only true measure of success, this course will provide you with the necessary tools, evidence and motivation to create a truly customer-centric organisation.

What you’ll learn:
​Successful organisations foster customer loyalty. Your company’s culture impacts every customer interaction. To ensure that your organisation can sustain a significant competitive advantage, the customer must be at the centre of your corporate strategy. Customer-centric organisations know what matters most to customers.

After, you’ll be able to…
After this course you will be able design a corporate strategy with a customer focus. You will learn how to cultivate a customer-focused culture in your company, and recruit the right people to add value to your organisation. You will also know how to use training to set and communicate your standards throughout your organisation.

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