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Business Management Essentials

Learn proven techniques that will ensure your business thrives.
Who’s this programme for?
Advanced: Analyse, Create and Evaluate

Perfect for business owners, general managers and business unit managers, this course delivers the skills and tools required to manage and grow a successful business. Practical and hands-on, the programme covers the broad range of disciplines successful business managers need, combining them into a cohesive approach.


What’s included?

Module 1 - Business Leadership

  • Your role as a business leader
  • The business development cycle, including current and future trends in business
  • Understand and maximise your business model, clarify your strategic plan
  • Manage time effectively.

Module 2 – Increasing Business Performance

  • Understand the profit drivers in your business, and maximise cash flow
  • Communicate your strategic plan, identifying and using KPIs with your team
  • Sales growth opportunities and strategies
  • Effective decision-making.

Module 3 – High Performing Team

  • Build the team you need
  • Understand motivation, engagement and performance so you increase ownership and accountability in your team
  • Plan, coordinate and delegate work effectively
  • Implement your strategic plan.

Module 4 – Business Efficiency and Results

  • Improve efficiency and quality, and streamline your sales process
  • How best to retain and develop your people
  • Keeping your plan relevant and achieving measurable results
  • Increase your influence and continue to develop as the business leader.​
What you’ll learn:

Today’s dynamic business environment requires managers to have a wide range of skills and the ability to adapt quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities. This programme will enable you to lead your business or business unit to maximise opportunities and improve performance.

From ensuring you have a sound business model and clear strategic plan, to leading your team to achieve measurable results, Business Management Essentials equips you with everything you need to succeed.

The programme is delivered in four half-day modules, delivered monthly, to let you balance learning with work commitments. The phasing also lets you apply the tools and build on your progress, prior to the next course.

Where and when: four half-day modules, one per month, 8am–1pm 

  • Module 1 - 11 Nov
  • Module 2 - 9 Dec
  • Module 3 - 10 Feb 2021
  • Module 4 - 10 Mar 2021

After, you’ll be able to…
  • Develop a clear strategic plan to maximise your business model, and implement it effectively
  • Increase the ongoing profitability of your business, retain and grow your customers, and improve your cash flow
  • Ensure you have the right team, confidently leading its members to increase their ownership and performance.


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