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Taking Charge of Accident Investigations

Accidents happen – failing to manage your next steps could be criminal

The moments between an accident occurring, your becoming notified and what you do next, now means mean a whole lot more for your business than it did a year ago.

Putting one foot wrong in the 48 hours that follow an incident, and in the crucial steps in the week following, could already be building a case against you for criminal prosecution. Accidents do happen - notifiable incident or not, are you confident you have the process in place when it comes to investigating an accident in your workplace?

Join us at “Taking Charge of an Accident investigation” and you’ll leave with the confidence to make the right decisions at the right times. Take away the knowledge and the checklist of exactly what to do and avoid scrambling in an emergency.


Hear from our specialist health and safety lawyers as well as WorkSafe’s Assessment Manager, Graham Bates on:

  • The crucial 48 hours - Crisis Management in the moments that matter;

  • Touch, Pause, Engage - The alert notice, the who and the scene;

  • What legislation expects from you - compliance in the real world;

  • Your investigation - the week that follows;

  • What’s covered by legal privilege - understanding your rights and the scope of legal privilege.

Bubble-wrapping your saff does not prevent accidents and incidents -managing the aftermath is all you have control of.​

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