Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - 22nd Annual Health & Safety Conference 2018

22nd Annual Health & Safety Conference 2018

Being daring with your business means managing the risks
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Operating a business can be like running a circus: as you juggle priorities, walk the high wire, and strive to deliver quality health & safety, potential risk is created. Everyone's safety and wellbeing can only be assured by effectively identifying and managing the risks that put your people in harms way.  

The EMA's 22nd annual Health and Safety Conference will give you the opportunity to review your organisation-wide performance and give you the tools and industry know-how to reinforce your safety nets.

Our Ringmaster will lead a fantastic line-up of speakers who will be exploring key ideas: 
  • Safety Leadership - Action, not words - Transforming your safety culture from governance to the shop floor
  • Steps to a healthy and successful business - Building a mentally fit workplace 
  • Communication in the culturally diverse Kiwi workplace - Strategies for keeping your health and safety messages clear 
  • Keeping out of Crisis - Plan for emergencies and evacuations - Training to be prepared
  • How to manage travelling 100,000 miles a month safely - AirNZ protocols to manage critical risks
  • Creating Safety's Crystal Ball - Safety analytics to prevent accidents
  • The Psychology of a "Happy Ending" - Why people feel the way they do about health and safety in the workplace

Effective leadership, training and robust systems all enable operation at a high level of performance while ensuring risk is managed and safety nets are in place. If you are a business leader, manager, supervisor, HR or health and safety professional don't miss this opportunity to gain insights from case studies and industry experts. 



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