Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - 19th Annual Procedural Fairness Conference - Auckland

19th Annual Procedural Fairness Conference - Auckland

Make sure that conflict doesn’t turn into personal grievance.
Staff frustrating you and other people in the team causes tension and nobody wins under that kind of pressure.  Whether it’s absenteeism, bullying, stress, the blame game or unwanted sexual advances, there’s only so much you can take and so many risks your business can handle.   

Join us for our one and a half-day conference focused on dealing with the choices and behaviours slowing your teams down.  Our expert speakers will share techniques on the best ways to respond to allegations, manage your investigation and know when to make the tactical decision to initiate a “without prejudice” conversation. We will explore: 

Join us at our half-day conference and we will help get you ready for the hard parts and talk about:

  • Long-term illness and injury – Dealing with suspicious circumstances and what to do when managing ‘out-of-work’ injury claims;
  • “Going off the record” – Can you legally have the conversation?  Three boxes you must tick before considering a “without prejudice” discussion;
  • Gearing up for a mediation: Combatting their negotiation styles and tactics – from avoidance to extreme claims, compromises to “take-it-or-leave-it”; and
  • Process destroyers: Stressed and absent – every time you want to meet, they go on sick leave…

Have the tough conversations and do what needs to be done! Get the tools and legal footing to make sure your people are performing the way you need them to.


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