Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - 19th Annual Employment Relations Conference

19th Annual Employment Relations Conference

The storm of employment law changes is looming and will hit business at the negotiation table this winter. How employers strike the deal and avoid potential action will need some serious work.

At the core, the proposed new legislation focuses on restoring greater protections to workers and strengthening the role of collective bargaining in workplaces across New Zealand.

Those changes threaten resetting minimum standards, limiting the use of the 90-day trial and attaching a secondary employer to a personal grievance (PG). 

Our experts from NZ Steel, Ports of Auckland, Air New Zealand, the NZCTU and New Zealand's top law firms will cover: 

  • Triangular relationships, expectations and grievances: Navigating the intricacies of contractors, employees and their agreements; 
  • CASE STUDY: Ports of Auckland - industry facing change and technology-induced restructures;
  • Skill shortages and immigration - impacts on recruiting, re-training and remuneration; 
  • When it's more than the money: What's hot at the bargaining table? 
  • Your new recruits: Changing how all employment relationships begin for collectives and individual employment agreements
  • A union perspective from the NZCTU - rebalancing the scales and working towards the best outcomes; and
  • Constructing your pre-bargaining "business environmental analysis". 

Join us and learn how to make sense of the changes and how to operate in the new environment.

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