How your business chooses to prevent, mitigate and investigate active and potential bullying and harassment claims is key to ensuring your staff feel safe and your work culture doesn’t end up in the news.

Join us for this short, sharp webinar where our legal experts provide you with skills, tests and the legal framework surrounding harassment, discrimination, and bullying claims so you can be the leader that your staff need. We will discuss:

  • The health and safety obligations of bullying and where responsibility begins and ends
  • Preventative policies rather than reactionary – getting ahead before they snowball
  • How to respond to allegations, what intervening looks like and keeping respect, privacy and confidentiality at the heart of your investigation
  • Managing evidence, interviews and separation of duties – Getting your facts straight and your bias at bay


You will also have the opportunity to submit your curly questions to our experts during the 30 minute panel discussion!


Ensure you are taking preventative measures through watertight workplace policies, and leading a fair, clear, and bulletproof investigation into claims when they come across your desk.

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  • Non Member (Standard) $289.00 + GST

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