Whether they’re refusing to participate, have poor absenteeism or constantly blame others for anything and everything; all it takes is one “rogue” employee to damage team performance and the only thing to do is tackle their behaviour head-on. Ensure you can confidently reset expectations and get your people back on track, or out the door, while upholding your good faith and legal obligations.

Learn how to investigate and address the root cause of performance issues, while meeting legal obligations and upholding good faith in all your decisions.

Our experts cover:

  • Absences and delays – what to do if every time you want to meet, they are not there?
  • Total disregard for rules and regulations – “I really don’t care and it’s not my job!”
  • Taking advantage of flexible working arrangements – resetting expectations and ensuring productivity in remote teams
  • Acceptable grounds for warning – inappropriate behaviour and breach of policies/procedures
  • Misconduct in action – how to manage a justified dismissal.
You need to take a proactive approach with rogue employees before they cause irreversible damage to your business.

Visit Website: Taking Charge of Rogue Employees

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