Sometimes you need to reset expectations, sometimes you need a performance improvement plan, and sometimes it’s just the end of the relationship. When it comes to poor performance, it’s about process, documentation and having real conversations. Let’s get you protected and avoid potential constructive dismissal claims.

Our experts will talk about

  • 360 degree analysis of the problem – Identifying root causes and unpacking the matrix of capability, capacity, competency, and other contributing factors
  • Coaching, monitoring, and measuring performance management – Changing approaches, managing the anxiety and mental health implications
  • Investigating poor performance – Untangling excuses, the blame game, and performance drives and the tough conversations that get you the truth
  • Managing employee anxiety and mental health is more than the paperwork, define your approach
  • If all else fail – How to discipline, redeploy or exit for poor performance, legal standards, procedures, and consequences.

Poor performance causes major disruptions in your team’s productivity, morale and your bottom line. Be sure your process, documentation and conversations protect you from potential constructive dismissal claims.

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  • Investigating Poor Performance - Bay of Plenty 6/05/2021 - 6/05/2021
    Trinityt Wharf 51 Dive Crescent Tauranga 3110

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