What you’ll learn:

Learners will increase their understanding of why HR and Finance need specific things from payroll at various times, along with seeing the big picture of how payroll, HR and finance all fit together.

This level 3 course will begin with the HR function, covering the full lifecycle of an employee – from hiring to termination and how these activities link in various ways through to the work we do in payroll. On the accounting side, we will cover an overview of accounting principles and processes all with the focus on how it links from payroll.

Course Content:

Day 1

  • Legislation Essentials – covering a range of employment related Acts that directly or indirectly impact on payroll.
  • Employment agreement and company policy fundamentals (interpretation, compulsory clauses, writing in plain language) what’s needed for payroll.
  • Employee remuneration (how wage and salary is determined, remuneration process, wage and salary scales, remuneration surveys).
  • Recruitment and selection process (the do and don’ts), what payroll needs from new starters.
  • Performance management and appraisal.
  • Managing personal grievances (how these effects a termination pay).
  • Day 2

  • The accounting process and how payroll interacts.
  • Terms and definitions.
  • What payroll information is needed in the accounting function.
  • Accrual vs. cash accounting.
  • Introduction to the accounting equation.
  • Depreciation.
  • Basic preparation of financial statements and where payroll financial information would be seen.

    After, you’ll be able to…

  • Explain the core lifecycle of an employee in relation to HR and what links it has to payroll.
  • Describe what HR requires from payroll and what payroll can expect from HR to aid in paying an employee.
  • Develop an understanding of the source of financial information in relation to payroll.
  • Gain an insight into accounting systems, terminology and concepts and how payroll interacts with them.
  • Gain an understanding of income and expenditure; assets and liabilities; capital and revenue expenditure.
  • Read and interpret basic financial statements in relation to payroll.


    Attendees should have previously attended the Payroll Foundations Skills or Payroll Law course. At our discretion, learners with extensive payroll experience will also be accepted. If you have any questions please email learn@ema.co.nz.

    Gaining a NZPPA Certificate:

    If the learner wishes to gain a NZPPA certificate, we offer the opportunity to complete an online assessment after the course. If the learner does not want undertake assessment, a certificate of attendance will be issued if requested. This course in part will help in completing the online assessment requirements for NZPPA Certification to be a recognised payroll professional.

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    • HR and Accounting Fundamentals for Payrollers (Level 3) 13/05/2021 - 14/05/2021
      EMA Northern 145 Khyber Pass Road Grafton Auckland NEW ZEALAND

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