What you’ll learn:

Working well with different people can be a challenge. Every day you’ll meet people with different communication and behavioural styles. This popular workshop will teach you how to recognise and respond to different styles using this well-regarded framework. You can use TetraMap® to reduce conflict and increase effective communication in the workplace and at home.

For almost 20 years, companies, teams and individuals have been using TetraMap® to overcome the stifling conditions caused by poor communication. Using TetraMap® will empower not just yourself, but also your team and your organisation.

This workshop gives you practical examples of how to use the TetraMap® model to build better relationships

All you need to know about the TetraMap® model of Behaviour

  • Recognising, responding and working with different behaviours
  • Building confidence, morale and accountability in your organisation
  • Reducing and resolving conflict by using the right approach
  • Apply strategies for resolving the conflict and minimising the impact,
  • whether through formal or informal processes

After, you’ll be able to…

  • Identify your own TetraMap® element
  • Recognise and respond to different behaviour styles
  • Identify ways to improve communication and relationships in the workplace
  • Use your understanding of the elements to provide constructive feedback
  • Better understand yourself and others

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  • Non Member (Standard) $1160.00 + GST

Next Sessions

  • Communication Skills Using the TetraMap® of Behaviour 19/08/2021 - 19/08/2021
    EMA Northern 145 Khyber Pass Road Grafton Auckland NEW ZEALAND
  • Communication Skills Using the TetraMap® of Behaviour 18/11/2021 - 18/11/2021
    EMA Northern 145 Khyber Pass Road Grafton Auckland NEW ZEALAND

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