What you’ll learn:

Assertiveness is the middle ground between passivity and aggressiveness. While passivity can lead to unnecessary stress, aggressiveness can lead to fractured relationships. Improving your assertiveness skills will not only benefit you, it will also benefit your team and organisation. During this workshop you’ll learn about your current level of assertiveness, and be given the tools necessary to communicate more directly and effectively.

A healthy level of assertiveness will help you maintain your boundaries and respect the boundaries of others. Topics include:

  • Applying a cognitive model to assertiveness and building self-esteem
  • Body confidence and personal behaviours
  • Cultural matters and their impact on building assertive behaviours
  • Giving and receiving feedback and saying “no”

After, you’ll be able to…

After this workshop, you will be more self-aware. You will be able to better observe the rights of others, and stand up for your own rights. You will be able to foster better relationships with your team members and within your organisation by communicating more effectively and directly.

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Next Sessions

  • Assertiveness Skills 10/11/2021 - 10/11/2021
    EMA Northern 145 Khyber Pass Road Grafton Auckland NEW ZEALAND

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