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We believe that when business is strong, so too are the families and communities connected to it.

Our members believe they share an appreciation of the issues that matter, and a collective voice that makes a difference.

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Here are 10 reasons our members stay members:

01. Advocacy Services

Almost everything that impacts on your business is our business, and every day we’re working to make your business go faster.

Our Advocacy team is the ‘voice of business’ on tax, trade, interest rates, compliance costs, infrastructure, energy, education, policy and planning. Join us, make your business more successful, and help our team set the agenda for NZ Inc.

02. Exporting Services

Connect with exporters, new markets and experienced operators – and help your business go global.

ExportNZ provides local exporters with community, advocacy, export services and international representation. With local and international networks, ExportNZ helps give your business new scale and real opportunity.

03. Membership Rewards

Membership benefits – exclusive, substantial & relevant.

Your membership provides you with exclusive opportunities on valuable business products and services. We use it to help you with the things you use every day, like power, petrol and paper. It’s like a normal rewards scheme – only this one has good offers you’ll actually use.

04. Member Briefings

A great opportunity to give your business and your networks a head start.

Attended by over 2000 other committed New Zealand business people, our targeted 90 minute briefings are held every 4 months, in over 30 different locations. These updates keep you well informed and well ahead of important legal changes. Let us keep you one step ahead of the competition.

05. Conferences & Events

Industry experts sharing the thinking you’ll need to succeed.

We’re working with the best talent New Zealand business has to offer. We brief them on the issues that matter and bring them to our events – just for you. Hear the latest trends, the newest ideas and the most practical support on offer – as soon as it becomes available.

06. AdviceLine & Support

Don’t just get information – get advice you can rely on from industry specialists.

This free member only service helps and supports employers by providing the latest practical employment relations advice.  Based here in New Zealand, AdviceLine is available from 8am–8pm Mon-Thu & 8am-6pm Fri.

07. Members Only Resources

A library of knowledge, tested in the courts and all in one place.

Our member only resources allow you to download templates for all the difficult jobs that face employers - like Employment Agreements and OH&S. Plus, get our monthly updates on legal changes and workplace developments. It’s the information you need – and it’s always right.

08. Legal Services & Consulting

Well trained, well supported, and only for employers – it’s your ‘go-to’ team.

Our legal team provide excellent service and real results – without substantial fees. With both lawyers and consultants, we’re ready to help you make your business better. Select the type of advisor you need for the kind of job you’ve got - it’s about the best fit for your business.

09. Learning Opportunities

We’re backing your business to succeed – and investing in your people to make it happen.

Our business school offers over 100 courses, all targeted at making your business more successful. We work with you at our training centre or onsite at your business to make sure your people get the best learning, and the best results.

10. Manufacturing Services

Putting you in touch with the right people at the right time for your business.

We’re at the forefront of manufacturing in New Zealand, with a team specifically tailored to support the manufacturing industry. We offer Training and Events, Funding, Advocacy, and Business Advice, all targeted and all lead by industry experts.


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