Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Board of Directors

Board of Directors

EMA's Board is responsible for the overall direction and strategy of EMA. It appoints the CEO and delegates the day-to-day operation of EMA’s business to the CEO.


Andrew Hunt                        Kinetics Group Ltd


Board Members

Andrew Phipps                    University of Auckland
Colin Birch                           Smart Climate Solutions
David Jack                           Permark Industries
David Welsh                        Winstone Aggregates
Derek Rankin                       Rankin Treasury Advisory
Frank Cui                             SureCapital
Jugdis Parbhu                     BDO Auckland
Maggie Chen                       Alpha Group Holdings
Margaret Gracie                  New Zealand Steel
Mike Riley                            Dotterel Technology
Murray Jamieson                MV Advisory Ltd
Richard Pearson                  EnviroWaste
Sara Lunam                         Port of Tauranga


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