Work and Life Balance
Work and Life Balance
Work-life balance is an important aspect of any employment relationship. This guide provides information on what an employer can do to make sure there is a healthy balance between life at work and life outside work.
The promotion of work-life balance is based on the idea that it is a benefit to both an employee and an
employer for a worker to have a healthy balance between their job and their life outside work. The
benefits include obtaining and retaining high caliber staff, increasing productivity and motivation, and
improving the company’s reputation.
The Employment Relations Act 2000 (“the Act”) allows an employee to request a variation to their
working arrangements. This is a legal right of request, however the ability to provide for a work-life
balance is not limited to this strictly legal requirement. Instead, an employer can offer various options
above and beyond the legal minimum, and can also consciously try to accept requests under the Act
even where the circumstances are such that they are able to lawfully decline.

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