Unconscious Bias Bundle
Unconscious Bias Bundle

Course Description

Help your employees understand, recognise and address unconscious bias. Accelerate your diversity and inclusion journey by giving your staff access to these world-class training modules with content from the national agency for diversity and inclusion in NZ, Diversity Works. Modules are created to give you the foundation information and tools to transform your business into a more conscious, inclusive and high-performing organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Module 1: The value of supporting diversity and inclusion

  • Understand the links between diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias
  • Identify different types of diversity
  • Explain why inclusion is important in supporting diversity
  • Describe the benefits of diversity and inclusion for company culture

Module 2: The neuroscience of unconscious bias

  • Explain how the brain approaches difference
  • Understand why people are wired towards these approaches
  • Describe the value of being aware of this wiring

Module 3: Addressing unconscious bias in the workplace

  • Understand how unconscious bias affects decision making
  • Describe gender bias and the perception of leadership
  • Explain why people create in-groups
  • Understand micro-affirmations and micro-aggressions
  • Reflect on and explore your own decision making process

Module 4: Common workplace biases

  • Understand how the brain reacts to stress and threat
  • Explore and recognise stress responses
  • Describe common biases in the workplace

Module 5: Becoming aware of your bias

  • Bring awareness to behaviours and learn to reassess them
  • Take personal accountability
  • Use the PAUSE framework to support better decision making
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