Social Media
Social Media
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Social media uses web based technologies to allow users to publish information online and interact
with others. The employee-employer relationship has been affected by the widespread use of social
media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and online blogs.
Employers need to be aware of the risks that the social media activities of their employees can
create for their businesses. The risks can include productivity issues, damage of business reputation
and conflict between employees. Steps can be taken to minimise employer risk and to protect an
employer’s brand and reputation by educating employees on the appropriate use of social media in
relation to their workplace. Businesses are also able to monitor social media websites to ascertain
what is being said about them. This is primarily used for marketing or to gauge customer feedback.
Although the use of social media creates relatively new concerns for employers, some existing rules
and principles can be applied. It is recommended that specific clauses and policies are developed
to manage this new media and its associated risks.
Employers can implement clauses or comprehensive company policies to define the boundaries of
appropriate social media use. These clauses can also state the action that may be taken against employees for misuse
of social media. The main risks that employers need to be protected from are
postings which bring the company into disrepute, derogatory comments about the employer, other
employees, clients or suppliers and disclosures of confidential information. Employers may also
need to manage productivity issues that may arise where employees spend excessive company time
on social media.

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