Transform Business Results - Puzzle People Programme
Transform Business Results - Puzzle People Programme

The first module ´Introduction to Puzzle People’ provides a brief overview of all four styles. It includes a self-assessment tool to discover your own unique communication profile.

The next four modules take a more in depth look at each style and show you how to communicate more effectively to improve outcomes for all stakeholders, they include:

  • The Decider • the direct, results focused, driven communicator
  • The Investigator • the thoughtful, analytical, curious communicator
  • Supporter - the diplomatic, friendly, caring communicator
  • Influencer - the creative, social, enthusiastic communicator

What you will learn:

  • Understand the four communication styles
  • Your unique communication profile -this is your personal puzzle
  • What each style likes and how to recognise them
  • How to adapt your communication style to benefit different situations or relationships
  • The value each style contributes to teams, projects, problem solving or decision making
  • The impact when certain behaviours are amplified or left unchecked

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