Protected Disclosures Act 2000
Protected Disclosures Act 2000
This guide details the Protected Disclosures Act 2000. This Act promotes the disclosure of information that the public has an interest in seeing disclosed.
Employees who expose serious wrongdoing in the manner prescribed by the Protected
Disclosures Act 2000 are protected by that Act against retaliatory action.
The Act protects whistleblowing in both the public and private sectors, but it imposes greater
demands on the public sector.
Private sector organisations are not required to have an internal whistleblowing policy;
however it is recommended that employers consider devising one to suit their organisation
size and structure.
An employee who experiences retaliatory action because of the disclosure of serious
wrongdoing in the organisation may have a personal grievance pursuant to the Employment
Relations Act 2000, or a complaint of unlawful discrimination under the Human Rights Act

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