Office Ergonomics
Office Ergonomics

What you’ll learn:

Explore the health risks that face workers within an office environment and learn how to work safely as well as how to set up a safe, healthy and productive workspace.

Also included are:

  • Some common health risks in the office environment
  • How to set up equipment like chairs and computer screens
  • How to arrange the items on your desk
  • How to manage problems caused by noise, temperature and lighting, and
  • How structuring work tasks and breaks can help to reduce the risk of injury and illness.

After, you’ll be able to…

  • Set up your workspace equipment ergonomically
  • Understand some of the health risks and conditions that could develop from not setting up your workspace ergnonomically
  • Troubleshoot envionmental factors that may affect your ability to work effectively
  • Gain an awareness of how ensuring you are working ergonomically will reduce the risk of injury and illness to yourself
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