The NZ Privacy Act 2020 - Information Privacy Principles
The NZ Privacy Act 2020 - Information Privacy Principles

Currently there are 12 Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) within the Act and they cover collection, use, disclosure and storage of information. Under the new Act there will be one new IPP and five existing IPPs will change. Be informed by gaining an understanding of all IPP’s with this online module.

What you’ll learn:

Help your staff to familiarise themselves with the legal requirements of handling the private information of your customers and clients with the The NZ Privacy Act 2020 • 13 Information Privacy Principles (IPP’s) course. This course has been created for all staff members so they have everything they need in one place to learn and refer back to on one of the most important New Zealand laws. This easy to follow package walks through each principle and what it means for your business:

  • IPP 1 Purpose for collection
  • IPP 2 Source of personal information
  • IPP 3 Collection from subject
  • IPP 4 Manner of collection
  • IPP 5 Storage and security
  • IPP 6 Access
  • IPP 7 Correction
  • IPP 8 Accuracy
  • IPP 9 Keeping personal information
  • IPP 10 Limits on use
  • IPP 11 Limits on disclosure
  • IPP 12 Disclosing information to an agency overseas
  • IPP 13 Unique identifiers

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