The NZ Privacy Act (2020) - Actions to Protect your Business
The NZ Privacy Act (2020) - Actions to Protect your Business

A very important change for New Zealand businesses is giving notification of privacy breaches. If you experience a breach, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s notifiable. Find out more, as well as how to prevent privacy breaches with this online module.

What you’ll learn:

Help your staff to familiarise themselves with the legal requirements of handling the private information of your customers and clients and mandatory data breach reporting in the Actions to Protect your business module. This module has been created for all staff members so they have everything they need to identify a privacy breach and the steps to take if this has happened. It is designed to compliment our Introduction to NZ Privacy Act module. This easy to follow module walks them through:

  • Identifying a privacy breach
  • Actions to take if a privacy breach has happened
  • The consequences to the business
  • How to prevent future risks

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