Our premier guide to understanding the KiwiSaver legislation and the obligations it places on the employer.
KiwiSaver is a government initiated savings scheme which involves deducting money from
employees’ wages as retirement savings.
Any new employee who is 18 years or older must be automatically enrolled (with some
exceptions). The employee can choose a deduction of either 3%, 4% or 8% from their gross wages.
From 1 April 2019 an employee may also choose a rate of 6% or 10%.
An employee can opt out of the scheme if they do not wish to belong to KiwiSaver between day
13 and day 55 of starting their new employment.
Current employees can voluntarily choose to join KiwiSaver at any time.
Compulsory employer contributions of 3% must be made on behalf of contributing employees
(with exceptions).

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