Job Descriptions
Job Descriptions
This guide provides information on job descriptions and what information they should cover.
A job description (or position description) should reflect a comprehensive analysis of what the employee
will be required to do, how they will be required to do it and what the required result will be in relation to
the position. It may also include how an employee’s performance will be monitored and assessed in
relation to the result they were employed to achieve.
Where there are requisite skills or qualifications pertinent to the position then they should be included in
the job description. Clearly if the job requires a certain professional or educational qualification then that
must be included.
A job description may reflect reporting structures, time frames, areas of accountability, responsibility,
performance indicators and/or outcomes.
A job description should give an applicant (if it is available upon application) a concise and broad (not
exhaustive) understanding of what the role entails. It should provide the successful candidate with a good
understanding of what they were employed to do.
An exit interview can provide some insightful information to assist an employer in the creation or revision
of a job description and the outgoing employee should be valued as a resource for this.
A job description is generally not included within an employment agreement however it is usually annexed
to it. This is because an employment agreement is just that, an agreement, and cannot be changed
without agreement. Conversely a job description is rarely static; as the position may evolve over time
due to the demands of the job. In these cases change is appropriate. The job description is not always
fixed but rather capable of being treated as a fluid or living document and therefore reflective of reality.
However, that does not mean that a job description is sufficiently fluid to enable radical change without consultation and agreement.

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