Fixed Term Employment
Fixed Term Employment
Our premier guide to understanding how fixed term employment differs from permanent and casual employment, and managing the process requirements.
Fixed term employment is a legitimate and versatile contractual option used in a variety of workplaces for a diversity of reasons. Fixed term employment may be used to cover the parental leave of an employee, for a particular engineering project, or for a pilot study. Often referred to as “temporary” employment, it allows employers to respond to the often transient labour needs that occur in an ever changing business environment. The provisions of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (“the Act”) apply to any fixed term employment relationship entered into after 2 October 2000.
For any employment relationship entered into prior to 2 October 2000, the case law developed under the Employment Contracts Act 1991 will apply. This A-Z Guide will largely deal with fixed term employment relationships governed by the Employment Relations Act 2000. If you have concerns or questions about a pre-existing fixed term relationship that is on-going, and, that are not answered by anything covered in this guide then you should contact the EMA AdviceLine Team or your

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