The Fair Trading Act - Fundamentals
The Fair Trading Act - Fundamentals

What you’ll learn:

Understand the Fair Trading Act 1986 and how businesses can avoid conduct and practices that breach the Act and can be viewed as misleading, unsafe or unfair.

What's included?

  • What the Act covers
  • Representations or claims
  • Product safety
  • Banned practices
  • Advertising claims
  • Product claims
  • Unsubstantiated representations
  • Unsolicited goods and services
  • Unfair contracts
  • Misleading actions
  • Trader status on the internet
  • Consumer transactions
  • Commerce Commission powers
  • Penalties
  • Defenses

After, you’ll be able to…

  • Understand how the Fair Trading Act applies and could impact on your business
  • Understand what is permitted and not permitted under the Fair Trading Act
  • Understand how the Fair Trading Act applies to internet based sales
  • Understand the jurisdiction and penalties that could be applied if your business is found in breach of the Fair Trading Act
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