Full and Final Settlements
Full and Final Settlements
This guide describes how a personal grievance is settled and documented. The term ‘full and final’ is often used to describe both in and out of Court settlements.
It is often refers to payments made to individuals as part of managed
departures from organisations, and payments made to individuals to settle employment relationship problems such as personal grievances.
Before entering into a settlement intended to settle all claims arising out
of an employment relationship, employers should have an understanding of the law in regard to these settlements.
The Employment Relations Act 2000 (“the Act”) views that settlements
may be reached between the parties to a dispute or grievance, without the matter proceeding to the Employment Relations Authority. Settlements may be reached between parties to problems at any time, up until the Employment Relations Authority makes a determination on the matter at the centre of the problem. Even after proceedings in the Authority have started, it is able to issue a determination recording the settlement, consented to by the parties, that disposes of the proceedings.

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