Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday
This guide provides information on the trading restrictions on retail shops during Easter Sunday.
Easter Sunday commemorates the resurrection of Christ and is a Christian
celebration which can be traced from the Jewish celebration of Passover.
Its celebration coincides with the Spring Equinox each year.
Retail trading restrictions
In New Zealand the special nature of the day is recognised by the Shop
Trading Hours Act. It is not a public holiday but on that day retail shop
trading is restricted. On 30 August 2016 an amendment was passed to
allow territorial authorities to determine whether the shops are permitted
to open on Easter Sunday.
On Easter Sunday all shops must close except for:
Dairies and service stations selling food, drink, household items,
personal items and automotive fuel, lubricant, parts or accessories
Souvenir shops
Takeaway bars and restaurants/cafes (selling prepared or cooked
food ready to be eaten immediately)
Bookstalls, duty free shops and takeaway bars at public passenger
transport terminals
Shops at genuine exhibitions and shows
Garden centres
A shop is considered to be closed if the shop’s entrance is closed and locked
or otherwise secured against entry by members of the public, and if no
person in the shop is selling goods, canvassing for orders of goods, or
delivering goods. A business that is not closed in accordance with the
restrictions may be fined up to $1,000.

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