Deductions Wages Protection
Deductions Wages Protection
Our premier guide to dealing with deductions from wages. This includes how to deal with overpayments, mistakes and forfeiture issues.
The payment of wages to an employee in New Zealand is covered by the Wages Protection Act 1983
(“the Act”). The Act deals with the manner in which employees are able to be paid for working, protects
employees against unlawful wage deductions, and allows for the recovery of overpayments in limited
The provisions of the Act apply to all employment relationships. It is not possible to contract out of the
obligations provided in it.
Note: Under this Act, the meaning of wages includes wages, salary, bonuses, overtime and any other
contractually agreed payments such as performance payments.
The Minimum Wage Act 1983 also provides obligations regarding the payment of wages but these
obligations are not discussed in this guide. For more information on the Minimum Wage Act 1983,
please refer to our A-Z Guide on The Minimum Wage Act 1983.

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