Criminal Record Clean Slate Act
Criminal Record Clean Slate Act
This guide describes the function of the Criminal Record (Clean Slate) Act, including a useful flowchart.
The intention of this Act is to allow individuals with convictions (who qualify
for the scheme) to have those convictions concealed by the Department of
Justice, and to state that they have no criminal record when asked. It is an
automatic scheme, and does not require individuals to apply to have their
slate cleaned. The Act came into force on 29 November 2004. In order to
qualify, an individual must have:
No convictions within the last seven years; and
Never been sentenced to a custodial sentence (e.g. imprisonment,
corrective training or borstal); and
Never been detained in a hospital due to a mental condition instead of
being sentenced; and
Not being convicted of specified offence (largely crimes of a sexual
nature); and
Paid in full any fines or reparational costs ordered by the court in a
criminal case; and
Never been indefinitely disqualified from driving

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