Cybersecurity Essentials for Employees - Ransomware
Cybersecurity Essentials for Employees - Ransomware

What you’ll learn:

Could you effectively complete your daily work tasks without using a computer? With so much business sensitive information held on computer systems and on the cloud, ransomware could potentially grind your business operations to a halt. Regaining and accessing computer based information once it is subjected to ransomware, is costly, both in downtime by employees and potentially paying a ransom to the hacker who has infiltrated and corrupted your system. Learn how to identify what ransomware is, eliminate potential sources and effectively deal with a ransomware attack by completing this eLearning course.

After, you’ll be able to…

  • Understand what ransomware is.
  • Understand what ransomware is.
  • Know what to do if you are infected.
  • Describe the steps to prevent ransomware attacks.
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