Casual Employees
Casual Employees
Our premier guide to employing staff on a casual basis.
Employment relationships can be full-time, part-time, fixed term (also described as “temporary”) or
casual. There are important distinctions between each. Employment relationships that begin as casual
often end up being something else, so managing intentions and expectations as well as the pattern of
work is important.
Casual employment is a popular way of facilitating flexibility in a workforce but it is a double edged sword.
The Courts have maintained a strong disdain for employers who have seemingly used the label “casual”
incorrectly and as a means of avoiding their obligations under the law.
When left unattended, a casual employment relationship can become permanent and the employer is
faced with meeting obligations that are different from what was intended when the relationship was
entered into. Where you fail meet those obligations, you could find that your decisions affecting a casual
employee’s employment result in a personal grievance claim against you.

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