Application for Employment
Application for Employment
This guide outlines requirements in relation to application forms and pre-employment screening.
An application form that is completed pre-interview (usually at the time the person comes to attend the interview) is a valuable tool for corroborating the information a person supplies in their CV. It provides information that may form the basis of some discussion in the interview and is an opportunity for the employer to ask questions that measure a person’s suitability for the job.
Pre-employment screening must be conducted within the bounds of the Privacy Act 1993 and the Human Rights Act 1993. Section 23 of the Human Rights Act 1993 provides that it is unlawful for any person to use or circulate any form of application for employment that indicates, or could reasonably be understood as indicating, an intention to unlawfully discriminate against a person in employment.
Having a “blanket” or “one size fits all” application for employment form for your organisation may be problematic if it seeks information from applicants that is relevant to one position, but irrelevant to another. You should review your organisation’s application forms regularly, to ensure that these forms are current and relevant.
An application form should accompany a covering letter from your organisation to the applicant explaining why the information is sought (to assist the company in considering the applicant’s suitability for the position for which they are applying) and what will happen to the information they provide in the event they are successful and in the event they are unsuccessful. The letter should also state that the applicant is entitled to access the information through your organisation’s Privacy Officer and should provide the contact details for that officer.

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