The accident compensation scheme set out in the Accident Compensation Act 2001 is administered by the Accident Compensation Corporation (“the Corporation”).
It provides victims of personal injury who are covered by the Act with treatment, weekly compensation and rehabilitation.
A work related personal injury may be suffered by an employee even if the injury was caused by the employee’s own misconduct.
Not every injury arising out of employment fits within the definition of a work-related personal injury to be covered by the Act.
Where a person suffers work-related personal injury and is incapacitated, they are entitled to receive the first week of compensation paid for by their employer.
After the first week of incapacity the Corporation pays the person weekly compensation until that person is rehabilitated to the point of vocational independence.
If an employee requires treatment for a work-related personal injury the employer has no obligation to pay for that treatment.
If you terminate the employment of an employee because of their incapacity, the Corporation cannot require you to reinstate the employee for the purposes of vocational rehabilitation.

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