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The Ultimate Sales Professional

See your sales soar

This programme is made up of six one-day workshops per series (one day per month for six months)

Series 1 - Starting 7 April
Workshop1: 7 April

Workshop 2: 5 May

Workshop 3: 9 June

Workshop 4: 7 July

Workshop 5: 4 August

Workshop 6: 1 September


Experience intensive sales training and take your career to new heights with this six-month programme.

You’ll meet other Ultimate Sales Professionals at EMA one day per month for an intensive sales development workshop. Assigned readings, online content and assignments enable you to develop your capabilities between scheduled workshops.

During this six-month developmental journey you will learn, develop new skills, practice and refine your sales expertise.

Content will be tailored to the challenges and opportunities presented in your market, helping you devise sales success strategies to gain new and retain existing clients.


If you’re a sales professional - rookie or seasoned pro – who wishes to deepen your knowledge of selling and refine your skills, this programme is unmissable. It demystifies sales success, priming participants to enjoy phenomenal success.


The programme focuses on a key element of sales success each month, reviews workshop learning and provides opportunities to discuss opportunities and challenges from the field.

Workshop content is as follows:

• Objectives of the programme - desired personal results.
• Definition of sales excellence - knowledge, skills and attributes.
• Understanding the sales success mindset.
• Personal effectiveness - introduction to goal setting and prioritisation.
• Sales planning and business development - strategies for achieving sales targets.
• Understanding your sales cycle.
• Developing an effective sales call structure - powerful start - opening the call with a plan and with purpose.

• Understanding your proposition and unique value.
• Questioning strategies - finding problems you can solve.
• Identifying opportunities to create value.
• Active listening - rapport, understanding, respect.
• Selling solutions customers want - identify products and services that match customer needs.
• Set objectives and strategies to move each key player - influence decision criteria early in the decision process.
• Gaining a commitment, up-selling and cross-selling.
• Gaining advances in the long-term sales process that lead to sales success.
• Role-plays and exercises.

• Outcome-based communication - purpose, congruency, flexibility and sensory acuity.
• TetraMap® communication styles - understanding yourself and others.
• Demonstrating flexibility of style.
• Gaining insights into prospect and customer perspective.
• Psychology of the buyer.
• Understand the buying motives of the different communication types.
• Sales scenario role-plays and exercises.

• Winning sales presentations.
• Research the audience and identify their needs.
• Plan and structure the presentation in line with sales objectives.
• Present with conviction and professionalism to win the sale.
• More on congruency and non-verbal communication.
• Present to the group - coaching and feedback.

• Selling and presenting to groups.
• Review presentations over last month.
• Interpersonal skills in presenting and selling.
• Understanding the elements that persuade and influence.
• Managing questions, objections and interruptions.
• Present to the group - coaching and feedback.

• Lead generation, prospecting, effective networking:
       - The prospecting sales call
       - Using social media
• Opportunity qualification.
• Resolving and overcoming concerns.
• Sales motivation - Selling with purpose:
     - Understanding what drives you
     - Mental resilience and bounce back
• Peak performance - what neuroscience tells us about how
our brain works:
     - Impact of multi-tasking on performance
     - Emotional state and optimum performance
• Wrap-up and review of programme outcomes:
     - Develop personal commitment to success


• Define the elements of sales success for the Ultimate Sales Professional.
• Plan and execute strategies for achievement of sales targets.
• Create, qualify and develop sales opportunities.
• Effectively prioritise activities.
• Develop and deliver sales conversations that gain commitments and advance the sale.
• Ask better questions to uncover and develop customer needs.
• Communicate more effectively to develop rapport, achieve outcomes and sell solutions in the customer’s language.
• Handle buyer concerns through the buying cycle, and confidently demystify the “price” concern through the creation of value.
• Present and sell to groups in a professional, confident and highly effective way to be memorable and influence behaviour.
• Identify and develop personal attributes for ongoing professional sales success.
• Select a sales success mindset.


Vanessa Green or Julie Kidman​

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