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Creativity and problem solving - today's differentiator

Learn how to spot problems and find innovative solutions

Two of the most important elements in serving your customers and growing your business are creativity and problem solving, and these capabilities are often in short supply.

Problem solving is also an essential skill in today’s organisations, whether it’s a customer issue, an internal process challenge or an interpersonal conundrum.

Defining problems, exploring options and making decisions are important elements of personal and professional success.

This workshop will provide you with thinking tools for creativity, enabling you to tackle anything creatively, from improving a process to make it more costeffective, developing a new money-making strategy, or finding an innovative way to stay ahead of the competition.

You will also be introduced to a proven process for approaching problems so that you can solve them quickly and effectively. 


If you need to be more effective in problem solving, deciding on solutions and engaging others in results, this interactive workshop is for you.


• Creative thinking tools.
• Solution generation.
• The importance of diverse ideas.
• Problem definition and characteristics of difficult problems.
• Guidelines for problem-solving success.
• Structured problem-solving process.
• Techniques for problem exploration and investigation.
• Techniques for decision making.


• Generate imaginative and innovative solutions.
• Implement a problem-solving process to address issues effectively.
• Utilise a decision framework to select the best option.
• Engage others in your problem resolution.
• Resolve challenges.
• Lead others out of the quagmire of an organisational quandary.


Julie Kidman

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