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Health and Safety Representative Training (Stage 2)

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Build on the skills and knowledge established in Health and Safety Representative Training Stage 1. This two-day workshop will expand your knowledge of the Health and Safety at Work Act, associated regulations and its relevance to your industry and its environment.

You have the opportunity to explore a wide range of OH&S concepts including event investigation, gathering and interpreting accident and injury data, audits and self assessments, hazard identification and risk management, and the use of approved Codes of Practice documents.

This practical programme will assist anyone who has responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace to ensure they can influence the development of systems and procedures that prevent illness and injury and saves lives. 


If you have completed Stage 1, are a health and safety representative or are a health and safety committee member, this course is ideal. Anyone with an interest in workplace health and safety will also get value from attending.


• Revision of Stage 1 Health and Safety Representative Training.
• Gathering and interpreting accident and injury data.
• Developing preventative action plans.
• Health and Safety Management audits and the elements of Accident Compensations Workplace Safety Management Practices.
• Hazard identification and control using body mapping, to match hazards and the injuries and health issues associated with typical workplace hazards.
• Approved Codes of Practice, information sheets and guidelines.
• Reading a Material Safety Data Sheet (MDS).


• Understand the legal responsibilities of officers and workers in the workplace.
• Gather and interpret accident and injury data.
• Conduct an internal audit or self-assessment.
• Identify critical health and safety hazards.
• Comply with relevant Codes of Practice and Guidelines.



This programme’s content covers outcomes relevant to the following unit standards, which individual learners may choose to continue working towards in their workplace.

Number 17593   I   Version 4   I   Level 2   I   Credits 4
Apply safe work practices in the workplace

Number 29315   I   Version 1   I   Level 3   I   Credits 2
Describe the role and functions of the Health and Safety Representative in a New Zealand workplace

 nb. This is post-workshop option   


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