Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Top 10 Tips for Productivity Using Excel

Top 10 Tips for Productivity Using Excel

This half-day workshop will help you confidently complete your Excel tasks for increased output and productivity.

This half-day workshop is designed to give you a solid overview of the most ueful functions within Excel, as well as tips and tricks to optimise your everyday use of the applications.


If you want to work faster and smarter on Excel, this is the workshop for you.


• Different ways to work faster - quick access toolbar, autosum and shortcut keys.
• Building formulas and using functions like If and Date.
• Paste options.
• Sort and filter; using name manager; choosing flash fill and autofill options.
• Conditional formatting, inserting slicers, removing duplicates.
• Learning how to analyse data with a pivot table.


• Customise the quick access toolbar.
• Use key functions for formulas.
• Understand paste options.
• Sort and filter data.
• Detect and track calculations with formula tools.
• Useful shortcut keys.
• Create, combine, copy and split data.
• Analyse tables of data in Excel.
• Apply conditional formats to highlight key data.
• Add charts to Excel.


A Fit-for-Business Computer Coach

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