Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) Northern - Communication Skills Using the TetraMap® of Behaviour

Communication Skills Using the TetraMap® of Behaviour

Improve communication and build strong relationships with TetraMap®


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Who’s this course for?

This is the perfect workshop for anyone wanting to improve communication skills, enhance understanding of the way others behave and build better workplace relationships. You’ll find the content valuable whatever role you play in your organisation.

What’s included?

  • All you need to know about the TetraMap® of Behaviour, and how to implement it to maximum effect using practical examples
  • Recognising, responding and working with different behaviours
  • Building confidence, morale and accountability in your organisation
  • Reducing and resolving conflict, and building better relationships, by using the right approach.

What you’ll learn:

Working well with different people can be a challenge. Every day you’ll meet people with different communication and behavioural styles. This popular workshop will teach you how to recognise and respond to different styles using this well-regarded framework.

For almost 20 years, companies, teams and individuals have been using TetraMap® to overcome the problems of communication gaps and misunderstandings. Once mastered, it’s knowledge that can help you reduce conflict and increase effective communication in almost any situation–inside or outside the workplace. TetraMap® will empower you, your team and your organisation.

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