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Mental Resilience - Reducing Stress & Building Mental Strength

Mental Resilience-Reducing Stress & Building Mental Strength
Break through your anxiety and handle stress

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How do people cope in stressful situations? This workshop tells you the key learnings from people who have faced extreme challenges and survived.

They all had high levels of mental resilience, and you can improve yours too with some of our practical suggestions on how to cope with stress.

Being able to reduce your anxiety levels will make a difference to how you live your life. It will boost your performance at work and improve your relationships with others.


Break through your anxiety and handle stress. If you find it difficult to manage your stress, this one-day workshop will make a difference. It is valuable to anyone who feels that anxiety is impacting on their lives in and out of work.


So that you can get to grips with how you handle stress, the workshop includes plenty of practical exercises:
• Defining resilience and the stages of resiliency building.
• Discovering your resilience factor and style in a crisis situation.
• The history of your resilience.
• The role of positive psychology and optimism in building personal mental resilience.
• Eight practical steps to build mental strength.
• Ten resiliency tools for motivation, achievement and happiness.
• Using serendipity, logo therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and positive psychology.
• An action plan for personal resilience.


• Build a mental resilience plan and put it into action.
• Apply resilience skills in your daily life.
• Use the resilience strategies, practical steps, key tools and background principles in challenging situations.


12355 Version 3 | Level 2 | 2 Credits
Describe stress and ways of dealing with it.
nb. This is post-workshop option   


Haddo D’Audney

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