Performance management

Performance management is the process of ensuring that a set of activities and outputs meets an organisation's goals in an effective and efficient manner. Driving organisation performance through cultural norms, clear work expectations, and effective management skills and practices, is an artform. EMA has expert consultants that can work with your business to implement best practice performance management and goals, to boost bottom line and improve workplace culture and engagement. We can coach and develop your leaders so they can coach and develop your people.

We can also assist in the situations where an employee is underperforming, and you may have to undertake a formal performance management process to address concerns before taking any disciplinary action against the employee. As with any other workplace process, it must be undertaken in a procedurally fair way. This means clearly identifying the performance issues, consulting with the employee on a performance improvement plan that setting measurable and objective targets. In addition, you need to provide the employee with adequate support and training to help them improve their performance over reasonable period of time.

This makes managing poor performance a complicated, time consuming, and at times a frustrating process. It also opens employees up for potential personal grievance claims. This highly contentious area of employment relations and should not be embarked on without careful planning and professional advice. This is particularly important for those who are not familiar with and experienced in this area of employment law.

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You can access our A-Z guide on performance management here.

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