Industry 4.0 Programme

In the current business climate we are all having to do things smarter and faster to keep up with the pace of change. Manufacturing is no exception. Industry 4.0 is the transformation of your traditional operations and processes using the latest smart technology.

Industry 4.0 describes the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Industry 4.0 technologies are being increasingly used by international manufacturers and are providing significant competitive advantages. New Zealand manufacturers risk being left behind competitively if they fail to adapt, which would mean a loss of domestic production and interlinked service providers, reduced high value employment, reduced exports, and increased imports. Uptake in New Zealand has been slow for a variety of reasons including a small, isolated domestic market and lack of information.

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We are working with Callaghan Innovation on part of the Government’s Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network, to fund limited opportunities provided by the EMA and LMAC to assess your facility for Industry 4.0 readiness.

Using the internationally recognised Smart Industry Readiness Index (SIRI) we will work with exemplar companies to prioritise the key areas of focus to advance with Industry 4.0. The result will be a high-level road map for how to start on this journey so you get maximum return from investing in these technologies. We are therefore seeking expressions of interest from manufacturers who would like to apply to go through this process.

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