Demonstration Network

Along with Beca we are one of the official partners of Callaghan Innovation to deliver the Government’s Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network - an initiative that will grow uptake of new technologies in the manufacturing sector. The partnership will bring to life a nationwide showcase of Industry 4.0 technologies that are delivering vast improvements and resilience for businesses in many sectors. This involves real-world demonstrations of how the fusion and application of advanced technologies from robotics and automation to data analytics, mixed reality and artificial intelligence, can drive productivity and enable new business models.

The Industry 4.0 Demonstration Network will consist of a mobile (nationwide) Industry 4.0 show case, a network of Industry 4.0 site visits, and access to up to two ‘smart factories’. Beca will deliver the mobile showcase and bring Industry 4.0 technologies to the doorstep of manufacturers and educators across New Zealand.

The EMA, part of the BusinessNZ network, will deliver a network of site visits and smart factory tours by manufacturers to demonstrate the benefits of Industry 4.0. Combined, this hands-on initiative will help manufacturers directly by creating knowledge sharing and learning opportunities.