What is AdviceLine?

AdviceLine provides EMA members with professional advice and training to succeed in many aspects of business.
Find out more of what we have to offer you.

  • Our team is here for youThe EMA AdviceLine team is one of the largest employment relations teams in the country and fields over 35,000 queries each year. 84 per cent of members who have used the service rate it as very good or excellent.
  • Protect your businessOur team of well-trained employer advisors have a mixture of legal and business backgrounds, so they understand your issues and can direct you to the right legal requirements and best practice to protect yourself and your company when managing tricky ER issues.
  • Opening hoursIf you have a question, you can be on the phone with one of our advisors in less than 15 seconds. Give us a call on 0800 300 362 between 8am-8pm Mon-Thu and 8am-6pm Fri.
  • Sean Hanna AdviceLine Team Manager Sean joined EMA in May 2000 providing advice on employment relations, human resource management and employment legislation. He previously worked as an Employment Advisor in the public sector and prior to moving to New Zealand he worked in London for a recruitment company and at the Department of Employment. Sean has a Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management). Read more
  • David Graham Employer Advisor David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) double degree in 2021. He joined EMA’s AdviceLine team in September 2021 and provides assistance as an Employer Advisor. Read more
  • Eric Cook Employer Advisor Eric graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Auckland University of Technology in 2020 and holds a Diploma in Sport and Recreation from AUT. He joined EMA as an Employer Advisor in January 2021 Read more
  • Jessica Husband Employer Advisor Jessica graduated from Auckland University of Technology in March 2020 with Bachelor of Business. She completed a double major, majoring in Human Resource Management & Employment Relations and Management. She joined EMA as an Employer Advisor in April 2020.” Read more
  • Waren Thomas Employer Advisor Waren has been with EMA since July 2019, initially as part of the Conferences team, before joining Adviceline. He has several degrees, including a graduate degree in Law, and Master's of Arts and Cultural Management from the University of Melbourne. His background is in management, broadcasting, events and the arts. Read more
  • Bethany Shepherd Employer Advisor Bethany graduated with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Criminology in 2017. She has also completed a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2018. She joined EMA as an Employer Advisor in April 2019. Read more
  • Samantha Butcher Employer Advisor Sam graduated from Auckland University of Technology in June 2017 with a Bachelor or Laws and a Bachelor of Business Majoring in Management. She was admitted in November 2017 as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court. Sam now provides general advice on employment relations and human resource management as part of the AdviceLine team. She also manages the Employer Bulleting and helps maintain updates to EMA's A-Z Guides. Read more