Health reform goals should have positive impact on productivity

Apr 21, 2021

The EMA says if the goals of the health reforms announced today are realised, productivity will increase as people will have a better base level of wellness which will enable them to work.

Chief Executive Brett O’Riley says the consistency of access to and focus on primary and community healthcare is good for everyone.

“It just makes sense that people who are healthier – in all senses of the word – contribute to their workforce and their community, that in turn contributes to the productivity that helps drives our economy,” he says.

We saw last year the focus on wellness had a very positive impact on the New Zealand workforce with lower cases of influenza and other sickness. That focus, along with affordable access to primary health and treatment, including vaccines, unlocks productivity gains.

“Here at the EMA this overarching approach echoes the focus we have on wellness and wellbeing as an essential part of Health and Safety in all workplaces. But we need a well-functioning accessible health system to support this.”

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