Auckland savaged by COVID restrictions

September 21, 2021

The savage impact of Level 4 lockdown on businesses is shown in a recent BusinessNZ Network survey, EMA Chief Executive Brett O’Riley says.

The survey of 456 businesses throughout New Zealand asked how businesses were coping under lockdown, their expectations of earnings, and their use of government support.

For Auckland under Level 4, the vast majority of businesses are unable to open.

“This is the reality for Auckland business,” Brett O’Riley says.

“Businesses want to see essential services reviewed so that more can operate under Level 4.”

“Businesses are calling for a rational risk-based basis for businesses operating under the more restrictive levels, as the current rules seem arbitrary and needlessly damaging to the economy,” Mr O’Riley says.

“Businesses are also telling us that in many cases, the support offered is inadequate, while the threshold for receiving it is too high for some to qualify.

“Businesses want support tailored to specific industries, rather than blanket support, and have particular concern about hospitality businesses and those businesses unable to support their essential export customers.

“More ability to open their doors, more targeted support, and better rules generally are the key issues for Auckland businesses,” Mr O’Riley says.

The BusinessNZ Network Pulse Survey was conducted during September 2021, tracking the views of 456 member businesses of the BusinessNZ Network.

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