Residents visa extension welcomed by business

Sept 09, 2020

The EMA says the Government’s announcement extending resident visas gives certainty to skilled workers trying to return or get into the country and into work and is a relief for member businesses.

Head of Advocacy and Strategy, Alan McDonald, says getting people with the right skills is a long-standing issue for business members that has been exacerbated by COVID-19.

“We are aware of businesses that have delayed projects that would increase employment opportunities because they could not get key people back into the country,” he says.

“These people are from categories of skills that we simply don’t have, or do not have enough of, in New Zealand, so it’s good to see that tap slowly turning back on and them being able to return home.”

Mr McDonald says once health conditions and border controls allow it would also be helpful to see a greater number of exemptions proceed to help get businesses and projects back on track.

“The EMA will continue to work actively with Immigration New Zealand on opportunities to improve these processes and provide greater certainty for New Zealand businesses and their impacted workers.”

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