More spaces for skilled and critical workers’ welcome

May 10, 2021

The EMA says its members will be pleased with today’s announcement that more spaces have been allocated in managed isolation facilities for skilled and critical workers.

Chief Executive Brett O’Riley says the message from its 7,400 member businesses has been clear over the past year.

"They’re crying out for people with the right skills to fill jobs to help them get back on track post-COVID-19 and drive our economic recovery."

The opening of the trans-Tasman bubble and the allocation of 500 spaces a fortnight for the next 10 months for these workers is a great start, he says.

Mr O’Riley hopes the boost the Government has suggested this will bring to the construction and infrastructure sectors materialises.

"We need to understand better when and with what funding last year’s ‘shovel-ready’ projects will come to fruition, and what’s to come from the Provincial Growth Fund to support infrastructure in the regions, as this is what will drive New Zealand’s productivity."

"We would also like to see the Government more focused on developing a population strategy to decide how big we want our country to be, as this is what drives infrastructure, housing and health," he says.

In the meantime, the 20,000 vouchers being made available in the Managed Isolation Allocation System over the next three months for New Zealanders wanting to return home is most welcome.

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